Friday, August 30, 2013

Celebrity faces: Then & Now

Whether it's courtesy good genes or a good plastic surgeon's hand or just aging well, here are what some of your favourite celebrities used to look like.

Sana Saeed is all grown up now. Since acting in Student of The Year in 2012, Sana has been busy - dancing her way on a TV reality show.

Here's a look at how your favourite stars have changed over the years.

From an innocent 16-year-old model to a daring woman who has done it all, Angelina Jolie's story could well be turned into a movie itself. The actress who recently underwent a preventive double mastectomy, today looks every bit the stunner she did as a young girl.

She was the cherubic little girl from Steven Spielberg's magnum opus, E.T.. Today, Drew Barrymore is one of the few child stars to have made the smooth transition into a successful acting career.

From the cute young Italian girl Louise Ciccone to the Queen of Pop, Madonna sure has come a long way. She's ditched those gingham frocks for more daring couture clothes. Whether she's had surgery to keep her youth in check or not, Madonna has certainly aged well. 

Before he became the latest hottie on the block, David Dhawan's younger son Varun was no good looker. Several years and some serious styling later, the Student of the Year star makes for good eye candy!

Looking at Salman Khan's old picture, brings the phrase 'Jekyll and Hyde' to mind. Quite a journey from the solemn and sweet young man of then to the bad boy of today.

Our love affair with Ash began when she brought home the Miss World title - and we still love her now that she has become a yummy mommy. Through her acting career and red carpet appearances and of course, her post pregnancy flab flub. But whichever way you look at it, Ash remains a diva who takes everything in her stride. Her green eyes have not lost their intensity - nor has her beauty. Don't you agree?

Fatrina! Sorry, we are not talking about Zarine Khan here. This is what Kat used to look like a couple of years ago. The gorgeous lady vehemently denies taking botox injections for her lips, but how else do you explain that perfect pout? It certainly isn't a makeup trick and we really weren't born yesterday.

Well Sush, thumbs up to you for remaining as effervescent as before. Even that naughty smile of her hasn't lost its charm. You don't just walk away with a Miss Universe title without no reason, right?

The sweet Romeo of Qayamant Se Qyamat Tak has matured into a real gentleman and an actor of substance over the years, and age has treated him kind. A good bottle of rum, this one!

We used to love this chirpy 'girl next door' with lush eye-brows and a great smile. Even after all these years, our love for her hasn't changed a bit.

This cute bubbly girl transformed into a gorgeous diva and has a promising career and plenty of years ahead of her. What else does a star need?

Miles and miles between the cute little boy next door to the mighty King Khan. His impish grin and sparkling eyes may have mellowed through the years, but it hasn't done away with his immense charm and mass appeal. He isn't called "King" Khan for nothing y'know!

From a scrawny young model to the sexy, toned actress of today, Bipasha Basu's evolution over time has grabbed many an eyeball. Definitely still a showstopper!

Chubby was his nickname as a child, but all that went out the door when he became an actor. To date, Hrithik's enormous sex appeal lies in his looks and of course that irresistible smile.

She is now the reigning queen of Bollywood and the Begum of Pataudi, but all those many years ago, Kareena was just another well endowed Punjabi kid. Raj Kapoor's granddaughter traded in her flab for fab and smote the rumour mills with her size zero figure for Tashan.

The Khiladi boy seemed traded in his hairy chest and floppy locks for a more toned physique and an inimitable smile, that still has the women drooling. Parkour and martial arts keep Twinkle Khanna's husband square in demand in the industry.

It's no secret that Shilpa Shetty Kundra has gone under the knife. Sometimes perfection lies in the hand of the perfect plastic surgeon. Mrs. Kundra, who has recently become a mother, has come a long way from her fluffy hair and thick eyebrows. Thank gosh for that!

Source : Yahoo