Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Most Unusual Buildings Around the World

1. The public library in Kansas City, USA

All the buildings reflect the desire of their creators. The builders have stepped away from the ordinary standard of architecture, we can say that these prominent structures are among the unique treasures of the world, which transmit the bizarre sense of uniqueness, which shows contemporary exotic forms of external and internal design and permissible visionary architect.

2. Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

3. Milwaukee Art Museum (Museum of Art, Milwaukee). Milwaukee, USA

4. Church of hallgrimur (Lutheran Church) in Reykjavik, Iceland

5. Longaberger Basket Building. Newark, USA

6. Wonder works. Pigeon Forge, United States

7. Another upside-down house (Upside down house) in Shimbarke, Poland

8. Crooked house. Sopot, Poland

9. Tenerife Auditorium. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

10. Bull ring. Birmingham, United Kingdom

11. La Tete au Carre in Nice, France. Inside is a library

12. Eden project. Britain

13. Snail House in Sofia

14. Edificio mirador in Madrid

15. Nautilus house. Mexico

16. Calakmul building - a building in a giant washing machine. Mexico

17. The residential complex Habitat-67. Montreal, Canada

18. Montreal biosphere. Montreal, Canada

19. Olympic Stadium in Montreal

20. Wooden skyscraper in Arkhangelsk. Demolished in 2009

21. Stone House (Stone house) in Guimaraes, Portugal

22. Mammy's Cupboard. Natchez, USA

23. National Library, Minsk

24. Cubic houses. Rotterdam, Netherlands

25. Casapueblo. Maldonado, Uruguay

26. Library of Alexandrina. Alexandria, Egypt

27. Cathedral of Brasilia (Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida) - Catholic cathedral in the capital of Brazil - Brasilia. Serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Brasilia


29. Denver Art Museum - Denver Art Museum

30. Graz Art Museum - Museum of Arts in Graz, Austria

31. Le Palais Ideal (Ideal Palace) in Hauterives, France. Built usual French postman Ferdinand Cheval enthusiast for 33 years (1879-1912).

32. Casa Battlo Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona

33. The National Stadium in Beijing

34. National Theater in the same

35. Museum Ripley's Believe It or Not! near Niagara Falls in Canada

36. Palais bulles in Cannes

37. Experience music project. Seattle, USA

38. Back view

39. Skyscraper Gherkin building in London or cucumber

40. Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea

41. Dynamic Tower in Dubai. Tower, whose every floor is moving on its own axis, independently of the others. The first building that can change its shape. Still under construction.

42. This huge tower is supposed to be a construction project in Kuwait. Some say it is a hoax, others say it is real and that the tower should be completed by 2010. 

43. And the final one is from India:-  Lotus Temple. New Delhi, India