Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top Fighter Planes Pictures

Fighter planes are one thing which make me excited. So I just pull out few of my favorite fighter planes and put up here. They are fast and deadly!

F-16 fighter plane.

F-18 HARV (High Alpha Research Vehicle).

F-35 fighter plane.

F117 Stealth Fighter

F-22 Raptor.

The Xiaolong/FC-4 fighter plane.

MIG-29 fighter plane.

Sukhoi-30 fighter plane.

F-4 phantom ii

A-4 SkyHawk Firing.

Mirage 2000 Fighter Jet

Chinese J-10 Fighters



chetan said...

hi i too love the planes that r fighter this is the teriffic collaction

chetan said...

be the collactor of the fighter planes

Yatin Rana said...

Thanks chetan

sandeep khanduri(spk) said...

gud bro.... humko bhi sikho na apna blog kaise use karu ache se..

Yatin Rana said...

@sandeep nothing spl only give some time to google, n you can make a nice blog.

Anonymous said...

these are very coooool can i ride in this...........

Anonymous said...

hii.. I also like planes nd are doin a great work. I like your work, keep it up...

jun sagal said...

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